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AzureRm | Create Internal Load Balancer with two VMs

Posted by Pantelis Apostolidis , in Azure 04 December 2015 · 651 views

AzureRm Azure PowerShell Internal Load Balancer

AzureRm | Create Internal Load Balancer with two VMs
This post is part of a general idea, to create an end-to-end high available application infrastructure solution in Azure using internal load balancer with the new AzureRm commands and Azure PowerShell v.1.0 preview. For this solution I will use:

  • 2x Centos 11 sp4 Web/Application Servers
  • 2x Centos 11 sp4 MySQL Servers
  • 1x Gateway

The first part is to create an Internal Load Balancer in Azure to use it for two VMs. This setup is ideal for Web server farms and also for SQL clusters. We will create the VNET with the Front End subnet, the internal load balancer and finally two VMs behind the load balancer. The result will be something like the below image.

Posted Image

In order to run the new AzureRm commands we need to have the Windows Management Framework 5.0 Production Preview. If you have Windows 10 then no action is needed since it is embeded. For Windows 7-8.1 we can download it here: https://www.microsof...s.aspx?id=48729

The AzureRm commands are installed directly from the PowerShell using the Install-Module AzureRM & Install-AzureRM commands.

Read more: http://www.e-apostolidis.gr/microsoft/azurerm-create-internal-load-balancer-with-two-vms/