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Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 Released!

Catastrophic Failure



Διαθέσιμο για download το SP2 για τον Exchange Server 2010 στο Download Center της Microsoft.
Κατεβάστε το Exchange 2010 SP2 εδώ.



Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2 helps IT Professionals achieve new levels of reliability with greater flexibility, enhanced user experiences, and increased protection for business communications.

  • Flexible and reliable - Exchange Server 2010 SP2 gives you the flexibility to tailor your deployment based on your company's unique needs and a simplified way to keep e-mail continuously available for your users.
  • Anywhere access - Exchange Server 2010 SP2 helps your users get more done by giving them the freedom to securely access all their communications - e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging, and more - from virtually any platform, Web browser, or device.
  • Protection and compliance - Exchange Server 2010 SP2 delivers integrated information loss prevention, and compliance tools aimed at helping you simplify the process of protecting your company's communications and meeting regulatory requirements.

Important: The SP2 sets new pre-requirements to Windows, to install and upgrade from SP1. It requires an additional Windows role, which was not part of the SP1 pre-requirements. Which is: IIS 6 WMI Compatibility not being installed.
To install this before starting the SP2 install/upgrade, start a PowerShell and run:

· Import-Module ServerManager

· Add-WindowsFeature Web-WMI

This Windows role is required for Mailbox and CAS roles.



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