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azure free smtp relay using sendgrid




Azure offers free smtp relay using the SendGrid application. SendGrid is a cloud service that provides email delivery and marketing campaigns. The specific offer is for up to 25.000 emails per month. Also this offers provides full reporting and analytics and 24/7 support.
At this post we will see how to create a SendGrid free account that can be used for many purposes, like:

  • Send emails through an application using the SendGrid API
  • Send email campaigns, newsletters, etc using the SendGrid SMTP service

At the Azure Portal, portal.azure.com, search for sendgrid and click the “SendGrid Email Delivery”
The SendGrid account wizard will open. Fill the name and password, select subscription and resource group and choose the F1 free pricing tier. Also fill the contact information, accept the legal terms and press “Create”image-3.png
Once the SendGrid Account is created, navigate to it and select Manageimage-4.png
The SendGrid portal will open. Navigate to the Settings / API Keys to Create an API Key.image-6.png
Enter a name for the key. For permissions you only need send emails So select Restricted Access and add “Mail Send”. Press create & view to create the key.image-7.png
You will only see the key once, upon creation. After that there is no way to see the key again, so copy and keep it safe.image-8.png
SMTP Service
We are ready to send emails using any host that supports SMTP. The settings are:

API Usage:



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