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How to create Office 365 Signatures wite ease




Hello to all.

Recently i stumbled in client request asking if there is a way  to centrally configure Signatures for the employees without the need of a 3rd party tool. Fortunately there is an easy way in Office 365 to do this. Here is how :

1) First of All you need to create a Transport Rule in EAC and choose to Build a Custom Rule

2) Then you need to define the disclaimer text to be included in the rule. The trick here that you can use HTML Tags therefore have fields that will be replace accordingly for the user account details.

3) Your Done!!!

Note:  Although it may seem easy there are some tricky points:

1) You need time to manually write the Rule with the HTML tags and have the correct fileds in the users configured

2) The most important problem is the Format support.  The resulting signature will look weird on some devices and the image will increase the size of the mail.

If you dont have problem with that you just have found and easy way to centrally manage your signatures across the organization.

Happy signing!!!



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