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Integrate Microsoft Azure Active Directory tenant with Office 365




One question that is coming up too often, at least at TecEd Europe 2014, is if it’s possible to integrate an Azure AD that you got when you signed up to Office 365 with the one you have got when you subscribed to Microsoft Azure. The short answer is yes, it is possible and if you want to learn how this integration happens, then keep reading!

This scenario means that there are two separate directories. The first one was created when you setup your Office 365 Subscription, while the second one came with Microsoft Azure Subscription.

If you want to integrate these two directories, Office 365 Tenant into the Microsoft Azure Subscription then you should follow these few easy and quick steps.


  • Office 365 Subscription Global Administrator account.
  • Microsoft Azure Subscription created by a Microsoft account.


  1. Logon to Microsoft Azure Management Portal
  2. Go to Active Directory | New | Directory | Custom Create

AAD-Integration013. Change the Directory dropdown from the default Create new directory to Use existing directory and click the Check box.


What happens next is that you are logged out of the Microsoft Azure administrative account and you are redirected to the Office 365 portal logon.

Next Steps:

  1. Logon with a Global Administrator account from the Office 365 tenant that you would like to integrate with.
  2. After sign-in you are prompted to add the Microsoft Azure administrator account as a global administrator for the Office 365 Tenant directory, click on Continue.
  3. Finally, logout of the Office 365 global administrator account and then logon to https://manage.windowsazure.com with your global administrator account.
  4. Now you have your directories integrated. Enjoy !



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