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EMSA: Traineeship Spring 2015

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The European Maritime Safety Agency offers traineeships for a period of at least 3 months and at most 5
months. The traineeship program aims to provide trainees with work experience in the field of maritime safety
legislation, response to pollution at sea and cooperation among member states in safety at sea matters. Inservice
training enables trainees to acquire practical experience by means of their work and put into practice the
knowledge they have acquired during their academic studies or professional careers. Detailed information
related to the activities and structure of the European Maritime Safety Agency can be found by visiting the EMSA
website at http://www.emsa.europa.eu.
From the publication of this call, EMSA envisages to select eight trainees. The starting date of the traineeships is
1st March 2015 and finishing date is 31st July 2015. More information about the selection procedure as well as
the rights and duties of the trainees can be found in the Decision N˚2007/030 of the Executive Director
relating to the rules governing the traineeship scheme of EMSA. The trainees will be awarded a monthly
grant of € 910.86 and a travel allowance as indicated in the above mentioned decision. The trainees will be assigned to work for the following Units complying with a diploma of relevant studies and competence:



A.3.1 ‘ICT Operations’;
Diploma Required: IT;



Interested candidates should apply by sending their application by registered mail to the following address:
Praça Europa, 4
1249-206 Lisbon
Application must include the documents below:
1) Application Form;
2) Copy of the University Diploma.
The closing date for application for the traineeship program is 6th of January 2015 at 16:00 (Lisbon time).
Please note that only complete applications submitted by registered mail and within the deadline will be considered.

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