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Καλησπέρα σε όλους. Το παρακάτω email μου ήρθε από recruiter. Αν κάποιος ενδιαφέρεται ας επικοινωνήσει μαζί του. Απλά διευκρινίζω ότι δεν έχω καμμία σχέση με την εταιρεία και δεν είμαι recruiter. Υπάρχουν πολλές θέσεις και είναι flexible σε location.


Territory/Country Manager or Head of Marketing: Full P&L responsibility

-       Head of CRM

-       Head of Acquisition

-       Head of BI

-       Head of VIP

-       Campaign Manager

-       Business Analytics Manager

-       VIP Manager


They’re flexible on location. Ideally, Athens although London and Gibraltar is also possible. As they’re recruiting a team they’re going to keep their flexibility until they have conversations with people and decide on some key hires and where those people prefer (want) to be based.


Dennis Van Maanen

CEO | Esanda Recruitment

London | New York | San Francisco

UK: +44(0)208 7892121 | NYC: +1-347-7538257 | SOF: +1 (415) 358 1673

Cell:+44(0)7771590471 | Email: Dennis@esandarecruitment.com | Linked In



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