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WSUS Server Troubleshooting Tip


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Microsoft’s WSUS server is an easy-to-use and free patching tool – when

it works. But sometimes there’s nothing easy about getting your Windows

Update clients to talk to your WSUS server. Here’s a troubleshooting

trick that’ll save you time.




Remember that the Windows Update Agent that downloads patches from

http://update.microsoft.com is the very same agent that connects that

workstation to your WSUS server. When you’ve got a client that just

won’t talk to the server and you don’t know why, try connecting that

client to http://update.microsoft.com. The web site should give you an

error code explaining why the client can’t communicate.




You can either research the web for that error code, or sign up for the

System and Network Troubleshooting Track at TechMentor Orlando. In his

highly-rated session “When WSUS Goes Bad: Troubleshooting Windows

Update”, contributing editor and popular instructor Greg Shields will

show you some of the common error codes and their associated fixes.

Plus, you’ll take away great automation scripts that give you more

control and better scheduling of your WSUS patching experience.

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