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Head of Unit - Admin Suite

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Corporate Services (CS) - Information Technology (IT) – Transversal Services Department (TSD)
Information and Reporting Division (IR) – Admin Suite Unit (AS)

Head of Unit


This is a full time position at grade 5/6 

The term of this contract will be 4 years   

The EIB offers fixed-term contracts of up to a maximum of 6 years, according to business needs,with a possibility to convert to a permanent contract, subject to organisational requirements andindividual performance. 



Within the IT Transversal Services Department, and the Information and Reporting (IR) Division, the role of the “Admin Suite” Unit  is to provide and maintain a broad set of applications services and related projects, from small to medium-sized bespoke internal developments to medium-sized commercial off-the-shelf applications (COTS); and to provide a wide range of advanced technical services to ensure that the various applications under the control of the IR Division are scalable, available, reliable and offer optimal performance.

The Head of Unit will manage a team of IT application officers and consultants in the domain of Application Services and Technical Services spanning a wide range of functionality across different business areas of the EIB and covering the application infrastructure elements, integration components, databases, monitoring and automation tools.

S/he will also drive the rationalisation and simplification of the Admin Suite architecture landscape, working in close cooperation with business areas, Architecture, Security and other Units of the IR Division, thereby contributing to the achievement of the EIB’s objectives.

Given the wide area of responsibility, the post requires extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of application architecture, performance analysis, application deployments and also direct involvement in ensuring the high availability of the IR solutions.

Operating Network

The Head of Unit will report to the Head of Information and Reporting Division.

Internally, s/he will interact with Management and representatives of the Department(s) using the systems in the assigned functional area(s) and other IT Divisions/Units. Externally, s/he will deal with suppliers of software and/or software-related services.


The Head of Unit will be responsible for:

  • Responsible for developing new technical solutions in the area of solutions for administrative functions with regard to the short, medium and long term in order to ensure that the Bank’s application systems are in line with business requirements while remaining cost effective

  • Establishing and managing the resources and means necessary to achieve the formulated objectives and implement work plans for projects in assigned functional area(s), this includes:

    • Defining the Unit’s work plan and monitoring its implementation

    • Ensuring the application of the necessary processes, procedures, IT standards, methodologies and working tools and ensuring their maintenance in the Unit

    • Defining and managing investment budgets for IT application projects in the assigned functional area(s).

  • Managing projects in the Admin Suite domain

  • Proactively managing the application landscape, including introduction of new tools and technologies, and streamlining / reduction of legacy components

  • Proactively managing the overall evolution, maintenance and support activities for IT applications and technologies in own domain in order to ensure the reliability of existing applications and best quality services to customers in terms of availability and performance.

  • Ensuring that staff within the Unit has the right competencies, objectives and motivation in order to realise the overall IT strategy, policies and objectives

  • Managing day-to-day relationships with key suppliers regarding projects in own domain (software vendors, providers of outsourced services etc) in order to protect the Bank’s interests, build cooperation and stay abreast of best practice


  • University degree in computer science or related disciplines

  • Fluent in English and French(*) and a solid understanding of the other

  • At least 5 years’ professional experience in the IT function, preferably in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of applications used by administrative teams and in application and infrastructure support

  • Previous experience supporting Information and Reporting applications is considered an advantage

  • Knowledge of applications: Systems Architect or similar Business Process modelling tool, Archibus (facilities management), Plunet, Trados (translation), BMC or Service Management tools is considered an advantage

Key technical/professional knowledge and skills

  • Broad technological expertise in IT, including software development life-cycle with experience in maintaining and developing applications

  • Proven expertise in program/project management and good knowledge of principles, methods and practices

  • Proven expertise in Business Analysis. Able to work with the business units and identify their requirements, both in broad terms for the acquisition of new COTS applications, and in detail for the development of the internal bespoke applications

  • Broad understanding of IT applications, architecture, programming languages, and databases

  • Ability to understand client server and web application architectures, old and new programming languages from VBA and Powerbuilder to C++ and Java, and to be proficient in various database technologies including Oracle and SQL Server databases, Unix / Linux and Windows and knowledge of best practices as applied in IT applications and infrastructure and related services. Ability to support development teams during development life-cycle and on-going post-release requirements

  • Experience with application servers, middleware products and applications and/or systems performance management

  • Sound understanding of the Bank’s activities and operational processes is considered an advantage

  • Good knowledge of service contracts, including procuring software and services in a public service environment

  • Up-to-date knowledge of market trends and development in the IT sector



  • Change Orientation: Ability to drive change and innovation to realise the Bank’s mission and strategy

  • Providing Direction: Aptitude to provide direction by translating organisational objectives and strategic direction into team and individual actions

  • Delegation: Capacity to delegate responsibility and provide others with the means and authority to act within their own area of responsibility

  • Coaching and Development: Ability to guide and develop others to make the most of their skills and potential

  • Commitment: Aligns behaviour with the interests of the EIB in a committed way and supports diversity policies

  • Teamwork and Communication: Takes a co-operative approach within the team, sharing knowledge and information. Seeks to promote harmony within the team and contribute to team processes

  • Reliability: Demonstrates a focus on achieving results and objectives. Meets commitments and takes responsibility for personal performance

  • Integrity: Maintains high standards of honesty and trustworthiness. Considers ethical implications of issues and decisions


(*) There may be certain flexibility on this requirement, but limited to particularly suitable candidates who may not yet be proficient in French. If selected, such candidates will be hired on the condition that they build up rapidly knowledge of French and accept that their future career in the EIB may be subject to the attainment of sufficient proficiency in both of the Bank's working languages 


Deadline for applications: 2nd November 2016

We believe that Diversity is good for our people and our business. We promote and value diversity and inclusion among our staff and candidates; irrespective of their gender, age, nationality, race, culture, education and experience, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disability.


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