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Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) / Sector Advisor

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The EIB, the European Union’s bank, is seeking to recruit for its Projects Directorate (PJ) - Innovation and Competitiveness Department (INCO) - Digital Economy Division (DIGITAL) - based in its external offices inside the EUor in its Headquarters in Luxembourg, an:


Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) / Sector Advisor

This is a full time position at grade 5/6

The term of this contract will be 4 years


The EIB offers fixed-term contracts of up to a maximum of 6 years, according to business needs, with a possibility to convert to a permanent contract, subject to organisational requirements and individual performance.


PJ provides advice and independent opinions to the EIB’s decision makers on the quality and risks of investment projects. It plays an important role in advising promoters on the development and implementation of projects either directly or through external consultants. PJ is also involved in policy formulation for the EIB to respond to EU policies.


The ICT/Sector Advisor will provide technical advisory support to promoters with a view to deliver technically sound and bankable investment projects. Requests for this technical advisory support may be originated from the European Investment European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH).

The sector specialist will also assess, within multi-disciplinary teams, the technical viability and environmental sustainability of projects in accordance with the EIB's procedures. Upon approval of these projects, s/he will also have an active role in the technical monitoring of the project until its completion.

Operating network

The successful candidate will join the Digital Economy Division, which supports the Bank’s lending operations and actively develops the Bank’s strategy with respect to its Innovation and Skills lending programme with a specific focus on the Internet/IT and Telecom sector. S/he will report to the Head of Division and work alongside experienced sector experts (Engineers/Technical Experts, Economists, Environmental and Social experts), who work together in multi-disciplinary project teams, and in close contact with the other EIB operational services such as the lending and legal department.

The position may be located at the EIB Headquarters in Luxembourg or in one of the EIB offices inside EU, in particular in Eastern Europe. Final decision on the location of any positon will take into account the business needs as well as personal preferences of candidates.


The ICT/Sector Advisor will support potential promoters in setting up projects by providing advice on the full range of the technical, commercial and economic/financial aspects related to ICT projects and companies. The candidate will focus on the potential of the digital technologies with a strong focus on the Internet / IT and Telecom infrastructure and applications but also its deployment in other sectors such as the industry and the services sectors.

The ICT/Sector Advisor will be expected to assist the clients on the main issues and challenges of digital technologies.  More specifically, the sector advisor will:

  • Provide support to weak project sponsors in how to develop, setup and prepare new ICT investment projects / programmes in order to qualify for the Bank’s financing.
  • Support and monitor the implementation of feasibility studies for investments. This involves assisting clients and other Bank services to ensure implementation progress, including setting up and advising Project Implementation/Monitoring Units with the help of external consultants.
  • Broader sector investigations, such as gap analysis, strategic (upstream) support which may be provided.
  • Cooperate closely with the EIAH, other advisory facilities or the Lending Directorate depending on the type and source of the technical assistance, and participate in the EIAH screening of customers’ proposals and calls for interest.
  • Source new project proposals.
  • Serve as interface with the European Commission, in particular with staff at DG Connect, for updates on relevant sector initiatives and policies
  • Track the evolution of the sector, including active representation at selected sectorial events, and liaise closely with EU institutions and international organizations on digital policy/sector questions.


  • A post-graduate academic degree (Masters or higher degree) in economics or business administration.
  • A minimum of 5 years professional experience including market research and investment appraisal, with a corporate, consultancy, research institute or financial institution, in at least one segment of the ICT industry.
  • Professional experience in more than one segment and country would be an advantage.
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art financial analysis and modelling, including recent quantitative methods of risk analysis
  • Experience with project finance operations would be an advantage.
  • Excellent knowledge of English and French (*). (Knowledge of other EU languages would be an advantage).


  • Commitment: Aligns behaviour with the interests of the EIB in a committed way and supports diversity policies
  • Teamwork and Communication: Takes a co-operative approach within the team, sharing knowledge and information. Seeks to promote harmony within the team and contribute to team processes. Capacity to co-ordinate activities across multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams
  • Reliability: Demonstrates a focus on achieving results and objectives. Meets commitments and takes responsibility for personal performance. Capacity to plan and organise his/her work and supervise work of consultants, and ability to work under pressure
  • Integrity: Maintains high standards of honesty and trustworthiness. Considers ethical implications of issues and decisions
  • Good analytical skills with the capacity to provide sound judgement concerning his/her area of responsibilities                   
  • Strong drafting skills: ability to draft clear and concise reports. Rigorous and able to produce accurate and reliable documents
  • Knowledge of the preparation and review of feasibility studies

(*) There may be certain flexibility on this requirement, but limited to particularly suitable candidates who may not yet be proficient in French. If selected, such candidates will be hired on the condition that they build up rapidly knowledge of French and accept that their future career in the EIB may be subject to the attainment of sufficient proficiency in both of the Bank's working languages


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