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Hands-on seminar “Introduction to Kali Linux and its pentesting tools” by International Hellenic University

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Hands-on seminar “Introduction to Kali Linux and its pentesting tools” by International Hellenic University.


Day 1: Monday, May 29, 2017, 10.00:14:00Day 2: Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 10:00-14:00
International Hellenic University, Computer Labs A1 & A2
  Scope: With the proliferation of communication networks and the corresponding increase in connectivity, the objective of cybersecurity to “secure and protect information and communications from unauthorized and malicious users” frequently requires the cybersecurity specialist to think like an attacker in order to discover vulnerabilities and weak points in network and computer infrastructure so that these can be fixed. This procedure, which is called penetration testing (or pentesting), is facilitated by many software platforms and tools for this purpose, the best known platform being the Kali Linux OS and suite of tools.
In this 2-day workshop/seminar, a basic introduction to Kali Linux and its most widely-used pentesting tools will be provided. The event, which is targeted at students and young ICT and Cybersecurity professionals alike, provides a mix of tutorial-style presentations and hands-on practice, including implementing and programming simple network attacks in a controlled environment.
The seminar consists of 2 parts in 2 separate days. In the first day, an introduction to Virtual Machines, Virtualbox and basic Linux usage is offered, along with an introduction to basic network protocols and packet capturing. In the second day, simple network attacks are described and actually implemented in Virtual Machines and specific tools, such as scapy and metasploit, are presented.
  Attendance is free to students, young ICT professionals, the general public and all those who wish to become familiar with cybersecurity and penetration testing.
Due to lab capacity constraints, prior free registration is required. A confirmation email will be sent to all persons who have been selected to attend. The confirmation email is a prerequisite for attending the seminar. If demand exceeds lab capacity, a similar seminar may be offered in the near future.The working language of the event is English.


More information here. Register here.
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