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Technician (Information Systems)

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Technician (Information Systems)-190736
Primary Location  Italy-Grazzanise
NATO Body  Joint Force Command Naples
Schedule  Full-time
    Euro (EUR) Yearly
Grade B.4
LOCATION:    NATO Second Signal Battalion (2NSB), Grazzanise, Italy
DIVISION:       Maintenance and Support Company
TITLE:             Technician (Information Systems)
GRADE:          B-4
NATO Signal Battalion provides communication and information system facilities and services for deployed NATO headquarters. 
The maintenance and support company (M&SCoy), is responsible for technical support regarding the provisioning of Command & Control (C2) services (including IS Support to Functional Services), for electronic maintenance (level 2+) of deployable assets, for level 2 maintenance of Communication & Information Systems (CIS) and non-CIS equipment, as well as supply for the NATO Signal Battalion.  M&SCoy is also responsible for management, receipt, dispatch and storage of CIS and non-CIS equipment to the Battalion and its deployed assets.
The M&S Coy provides level 2 mechanical maintenance of CIS and non-CIS related auxiliary equipment and Office Module (OM) deployment and maintenance.
The Technician (Information Systems) is responsible for level 2 maintenance of local area communications and information systems and services, on all NATO locations. (Deployed or PTL).  He/She is responsible for technical support of deployable NCISG AIS assets.
The Technician (Information Systems) reports to the Section Head, (Information Systems Administration).
The Technician (Information Systems) assists System Engineer (IS) in technical support of all NSB assigned AIS assets.
The Technician (Information Systems) assists the Systems Engineer (IS) to ensure that preparation, operation and maintenance of all AIS assets is kept at highest standards to allow rapid deployment.
The Technician (Information Systems) assists in field-level maintenance of all equipment, assists at interoperability trials, and performs on-the-job training for newly assigned personnel.
The Technician (Information Systems) supervises system deployment verifying overall integrity of all systems in full operation.
The Technician (Information Systems) oversees military technicians in the system deployment, trouble-shooting, and day-to-day administration.
The Technician (Information Systems) installs and monitors Office Module (OM) Components.
Under routine circumstances, the job is performed in a typical office environment where the risk of injury is categorized as “none”.  However, The Technician (Information Systems) may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or short-term travel assignments, both within and outside of NATO boundaries. Such operational deployment may exceed 30 days in any period of 547 days, and may be on short notice. Acceptance of an employment contract linked to this post constitutes agreement to deploy in excess of 30 days, if required.
Higher Secondary education and intermediate vocational training which might lead to a formal qualification, with 2 years of post-related experience,
Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training  leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation, with 4 years of post-related experience.
Experience, technical knowledge, and skills to successfully provide network maintenance and support services.
Qualified cable installer.
Knowledge and experience in the installation and maintenance of Office Module (OM) components.
Must possess a class “B” driving license upon arrival, and obtain (and thereafter maintain) a full “C” and “E” (Heavy Goods with Towed Heavy Trailer) driving license within 60 days of arrival.
Must have an English Standard Language Proficiency level of “functional” in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (SLP 2222 based on NATO standards).
Previous experience within NATO
Previous experience in a military deployed CIS environment.
Full “C” and “E” (Heavy Goods with Towed Heavy Trailer) Drivers Licenses.
Personal attributes
The incumbent must be self-reliant in resolving all technical matters regarding work and able to think clearly and calmly under pressure. The incumbent must possess the ability and experience to provide on-the-job training and the ability to assess technical situations and take appropriate action or recommend solutions.
Managerial Responsibilities
There is no first-line reporting responsibility
Professional contacts
Routinely interrelates within the NATO Signal Battalion, and interacts with the technicians in the Deployable CIS Modules (DCMs)
Contribution to the objectives
The incumbent plays a major role in ensuring the provision of information involving CIS communications, operations, and maintenance, which affects the NSB’s mission accomplishment both in a static peace headquarters and a deployed capacity.
The successful candidate will receive a three-year definite duration contract which may be followed by an indefinite duration contract.
The basic entry-level monthly salary for a NATO Grade B-4 in Italy is Euro 3,605.34 which may be augmented by allowances based on the selected staff member’s eligibility, and which is subject to the withholding of approximately 20% for pension and medical insurance contributions.
HQ JFC Naples uses NATO Talent Acquisition Platform. In order to apply for this vacancy, please visit the platform at: https://nato.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en, and search for vacancies within HQ JFC Naples with duty location GrazzaniseItaly.
Note that once you created your profile, you will be able to use it to apply for other vacancies within NATO.
Please note: 
Staff members are appointed to and hold posts on the establishment of a NATO body only on condition that:
  • They are nationals of a NATO member country
  • They are over 21 and under 60 years of age at the time of taking up their appointments.  Appointments of definite duration may be offered to candidates of 60 years of age or more, provided that the expiry date of the contract is not later than the date at which the candidate attains the age of 65.
A NATO security clearance and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser are essential conditions for appointment to this post.  Applicants are not required to possess a clearance at the time of applying, but they must be eligible for a clearance.  HQ JFC Naples will take action to obtain the required security clearance from the successful candidates’ national authorities.


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