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Office 365 Email signature generator

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Sigsync Office 365 Email Signature software allows you to have full control over your organization’s email signatures such that you can efficiently raise your company brand and stay compliant with company-wide email signatures always.

This secure web-based email signature service lets you to create email signature centrally and manage all users in your organization sending email across any device.

With Sigsync Office 365 Email signature software you can

·         Design signature for all employees a brand, professional email signature for the every email send from any device.

·         Centrally manage all users’ signatures through web-based, centralized dashboard without any desktop installations.

·         Create your signature using Sigsync Office 365 email signature generator with various predefined templates

·         Add profile images directly in your email signatures such that it will display the image to the appropriate recipient

·         Assign all the signature management to your marketing team by making them admin using the 'Make Admin' feature.

·         Create professional HTML signatures without any technical background through signature generator.

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