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Best Office 365 email Signature software

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An email signature is the best way to brand every email you send. It is greatly useful for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to raise their personal brand alongside their company and as they are sending mass amounts of emails. Email signature plays an important role in your business and gets corporate identity.  It is best option for businesses of all sizes to promote the company brand and marketing the programs. In parallel, the reliable Email signature solution is responsible for achieving the needs.

Sigsync is a centralized, secure Office 365 Email Signature service that ensures complete control over your company email signatures. It helps to design an attractive and professional companywide email signature on every email across all the email clients and devices.

Few highlights of the software:

●    Automatically pulls details from Azure AD to add email signature
●    Branded Email signatures and disclaimers for organization
●    Email signature under all reply and forward emails
●    Preview of signature during email composing
●    Enable signature in sent items   
●    Secured, web-based, easy to configure email signature across all email clients and devices
●    Centralized management of Office 365 email signature for all the employees
●    User-friendly dashboard to choose and customize templates as per the business needs.
●    Automatic configuration of Exchange Online 
●    Provision to effectively advertise for the services by customizing email signature with banners, social media links, brand logo.
●    Option to include  web analytic and OneClick survey

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