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Simple and Secure IMAP migration Software.

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EdbMails  IMAP migration  is a simple and secured solution to migrate mailboxes from IMAP enabled email servers. It supports the migration from email clients like - Yahoo, Gmail/G Suite, Hotmail, Yandex, AOL, Outlook.com, and more.



  • Data protection: 

EdbMails ensures safe migration and it doesn’t alter the source IMAP server data during the migration. All the credentials which are entered during migration will be securely encrypted.

  • Supports different languages:

EdbMails supports different languages for the migration. It supports Non-English unicode characters and special characters as well.

  • Include/Exclude Filter option: 

Users can filter the data based on ‘After’ and ‘Before’ date, ‘Subject’, ‘Attachment’, ‘To and From’ address.etc to migrate the specific data as per the requirement.

  • Zero downtime: 

Users can access their mailboxes any time even when the migration process is running. It will ensure zero downtime during the migration process.

  • Incremental Migration:

Ensures only the newly added items are migrated from source IMAP to your destination server. It avoids duplicate item migration during repeated or re-migration operation on the same computer.


Know More: IMAP migration Office 365

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