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Exchange Online Forwarding to an MTA


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We are using Exchange online and we are forwarding emails to an external MTA from Digital Guardian.

We are trying to improve the overall high availability of the solution so that when / if the MTA

(Digital Guardian) becomes unavailable, to continue forwarding the emails directly from Microsoft

exchange online until Digital Guardian appliances become available again.

What is the best way to approach this?

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If i can understand well, everyone who sends you mails they are going to Digital Guardian, and from there you are "forwarding" them to Office 365.
the simple way is to make a second MX Record to your DNS pointing at Office 365 directly, with higher Pref

If you have an Mx Record pointing to Digital Guardian with Pref 10 , Make a second Mx Record Pointing Office 365 with Pref 20.

If the First Mail Server (Digital Guardian) is not responding then the sender mail server will look for second mx record if exists and will send mail directly to Office 365 Exchange Server.   

If you mean that all your outgoing mails are sending from Office 365 to Digital Guardian, and then Digital Guardina forwards all mails to the recepient mail, the question is > why are you doing that ?

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