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Happy Anniversary dear MCT!

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Great news this week. I’m speaking at IT PRO | DEV Connections 2011, a great regional event that started a few years ago and now is considered THE EVENT for the IT Pro and the Developer that wants to be informed about anything that happens about Microsoft technologies (and not only Microsoft). The only drawback is that since it’s a regional event, all sessions are in Greek….

You’ll here me speak about Windows 7 Deployment, during “The Windows Deployment Show”. It’s about a Greek case study in a company that migrated all of its desktops from Windows XP to Windows 7. It is very interesting to see what were the problems that we faced, what tools did we use and how the whole project went on.

You’ll also hear me speak about Microsoft Office 365 and what are the steps and guidelines for a successful implementation. My co-speaker, Ioanna Vathis will take you all the way to the recommended approach in order to migrate to the cloud.


And finally I’ll speak about Windows 8 Client…. This is probably one of the most interesting sessions, because you’ll have the opportunity to discover what’s new about this new operating system. Join us for this fantastic networking opportunity in Athens, 26-27 November 2011.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate….


Today it’s my anniversary for the Microsoft Certified Trainer certification that I got 11 years ago. All these years as a Trainer I’ve met a lot of people, trained a lot of them and exchanged ideas and opinions with a lot of them.

A special thanks to all my colleagues that assisted me all these years.

See you in Athens this weekend!!

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