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5nine Cloud Security – What’s New in Version 6




5nine Cloud Security Version 6.0 for Hyper-V has just been released , so let’s start to explore what is new in this version.
5nine Cloud Security is the first and only agentless security and compliance solution built specifically for the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Hyper-V virtual machines running Windows and Linux. The solution provides multi-layered protection with an integrated virtual firewall, agentless antivirus and malware protection, along with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) all in one package.
Analysis and Alerting for Network Traffic Anomalies


Allowed and blocked packets statistics


5nine Cloud Security will create a baseline of normal network traffic patterns for your virtualized environment, then when it identifies an anomaly it will alert the administrator that a threat could be present. You can detect a variety of threats from suspicious network behavior and other advanced threats. 5nine constantly logs and monitors statistics about your historical traffic, packets, and their sizes, and if the values exceed the configurable alert sensitivity setting it will immediately notify you about the possibility of an attack.


With 5nine Cloud Security you can now meet the security and compliance requirements for your business by being able to analyze and report on your historical data as a network forensics tool.


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