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Προτάσεις βελτίωσης για το Windows Live Writer




20px|Windows Live Logo Windows Live Writer

Σήμερα έστειλα το παρακάτω μήνυμα στην ομάδα του Windows Live Writer:

Hello Windows Live Writer Team,

Your software ROCKS!!
However i'd like to send some features for the next update:

1) Please make it more community server aware, when i go to a new machine and install it, live writer doesn't get the list of posts posted in the blog.

2) Please include the Greek Spelling Dictionaries in the English build or at least let the user select the dictionaries languages and apply them while installing.

3) I think that it is time to move to a ribbon based interface, don't we?

4) Do you have a web based version in your mind? It would be lovely if integrated with windows live generally (profiles, spaces etc)

I haven't found a more complete solution for blog posting/management, thank you for your exceptional product!

Ελπίζω να εισακουστώ.

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