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Windows 7 Live Roundtable

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Πριν από λίγο τελείωσε το live roundtable του springboard series για τα Windows 7, το οποίο παρακολούθησα με μεγάλο ενδιαφέρον. Έγινε μια πολύ καλή συζήτηση για τις νέες δυνατότητες και ταυτόχρονα υπήρχε η δυνατότητα σε όσους το παρακολούθησαν να κάνουν τις ερωτήσεις τους και να πάρουν άμεσα απαντήσεις. Η συζήτηση αλλά και το σύνολο των ερωτήσεων - απαντήσεων θα είναι διαθέσιμα για download σε μερικές μέρες. Μέχρι τότε όμως μπορείτε να δείτε όλες τις ερωτήσεις που έγιναν αλλά και τις αντίστοιχες απαντήσεις.

Q: Is your next beta milestone going to be `feature complete?

A: The next milestone for Windows 7 will be the RC build. For more information, check out the Engineering Windows 7 blog post here:    http://blogs.msdn.com/e7/archive/2009/01/30/our-next-engineering-milestone.aspx

Q: Is windows 7 a desktop only platform, or are there desktop and server flavors?
A: The next version of the Windows client is Windows 7. The next version of the Server is Windows Server 2008 R2.

Q: Will there be an update to IE8 before RC?
A: No, the next update to Windows 7 will be the RC build, there won`t be any component updates in the interim.

Q: How many versions of Windows will read "BitLocker To Go" encrypted media?
All versions of Windows 7 will be able to read "BitLocker To Go" encrypted removable storage devices.

Q: Will our Beta`s be turned off on August 2? 31?
A: On 8/1/2009 the Windows Beta will no longer be functional.

Q: Where can we find step-by-step guide for applocker,direct access, branch cache and the rest of new features?
A: For DirectAccess EarlyAdopter`s Guide: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=2fdc531d-9138-454f-a820-78211755b52a&displaylang=en For     BranchCache Early Adopter`s Guide: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a9a1ed8a-71ab-468e-a7e0-470fd46e46b3&DisplayLang=en    Applocker step-by-step guide is still in the works...

Q: Is there an estimated date at this point for Windows 7 to be RTM?
A: The goal for Windows 7 RTM is to be 3 years after Windows Vista RTM date.

Q: what is branch cache?
A: BranchCache is a new feature in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 that will increase user productivity in branch offices and reduce the WAN link    utilization. For more information please visit: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=64966e88-1377-4d1a-be86-ab77014495f4&DisplayLang=en

Q: What versions of Windows 7 will be available?
A: There will be a number of diferent versions of Windows 7 available.See the following blog for more information:    http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/archive/2009/02/04/a-closer-look-at-the-windows-7-skus.aspx

Q: will branch cache features in Windows 7 be back ported to earlier versions of the os?
A: There are no plans to back port BranchCache into earlier versions of OS.

Q: Will there be a recording of the video and the q and a available?
A: Yes the video recording and the QandA will be available within a week.

Q: The DirectAccess Early Adoptor`s Guide link does not work.
A: You could get to the Early adopter`s guide from DirectAccess Technet Page also. Please visit: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/network/dd420463.aspx

Q: Will there be 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the expected RTM date for Win 7?
A: The goal for Windows 7 RTM is 3 years after Windows Vista RTM date.

Q: Is it correct that there will not be a Beta 2 this time arround?
A: That is correct, the next public release will be the RC build of Windows 7.

Q: Will applocker only work with win7
A: Yes, it will work with Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions.

Q: Can you upgrade Windows 7 Beta 1 to Windows 7 RC or it has to be clean install?
A: Upgrades from Beta, to RC, to RTM will be supported.

Q: Will Win 7-32 bits face the 4GB of RAM ceiling like XP does (Can`t use more than 4GB of RAM)?
A: Yes, that is a limit of 32-bit operating systems. To utilize 4GB ram and more, users should install the 64-bit versions of the OS?

Q: Does Branch Cache only "cache" between Win7 clients and Windows 2008 R2 servers (i.e., can content on Windows 2000/2003/2008 or Linux servers be cachced)?
A: BranchCache requires Windows 7 clients and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Q: Is applocker running over network (for example: the whole domain) or is it machine-specific?
A: AppLocker is controlled through Group Policy. This can be set in local policy or in GPOs that are deployed through Active Directory.

Q: Will there be a way to run direct access with a Native IPv6 Ip vs 2 IPv4 address`s?
A: DirectAccess requires IPv6, enterprises should be able to monitor IPv6 in their environment. The `preferred` method for DA is to run native IPv6 traffic.    However we do support transition technologies on the DA Server to assign IPv6 addresses to IPv4 clients. Also you could use NAT-PT devices to enable your    servers with IPv6 traffic.

Q: Can bitlocker to go be managed via GPO
A: Yes, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go are fully configurable through Group Policy.
   does applocker require a server based console
   AppLocker is configured as part of the system`s Security Policy (secpol.msc). As a reult, you can configure it locally, or throughout a network using    Group Policy.

Q: Will BranchCache be limited to only files on servers? Or are you planning on extending that to services like SharePoint?
A: BranchCache supports HTTP(S) and SMB traffic. Any applications that use native HTTP and SMB protocols will enlighten automatically. So yes Sharepoint will    benefit from it as well as Windows Media Player (for training videos for example).

Q: Can you upgrade from 2000 or xp to Windows 7?
A: Upgrades from Windows 2000 and Windows XP are not supported. Upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is supported.

Q: Can we upgrade from Windows XP ?
A: Upgrades from Windows 2000 and Windows XP are not supported. Upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is supported.

Q: You need to support Vista32bit to Windows7 x64. Any chance?
A: Upgrades from Windows Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit are not supported.

Q: Will upgrading XP to Windows 7 be possible/supported?
A: Upgrades from Windows 2000 and Windows XP are not supported. Upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is supported.

Q: What is applocker?
A: AppLocker is an application control technology to allow IT to specify what software runs within their managed PC environment.


Μόλις γίνει διαθέσμο και το video θα το μάθετε...αρκεί να επισκευθείτε το Freespoint [:D]

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