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Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator v19.9 Released

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Είναι πλέον διαθέσιμο το νέο Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator v19.9 το οποίο μπορείτε να κάνετε Download απο εδώ.

Αναλυτική παρουσίαση των δυνατοτήτων του Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator γίνετε σε αυτό το άρθρο στο Exchange Team Blog:

Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator

Tα updates τις version 19.9 αναφέρονται παρακάτω και αναλυτικά για όλες τις versions στο άρθρο Updates to the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator :

Version 19.9 Updates

  • Enhancements
    •Revised name of Offline Address Book in MailboxDatabases.csv file
    •Integrated revised CreateMBDatabases.ps1 script that better handles database creation with large numbers of databases
    •Integrated revised CreateMBDatabaseCopies.ps1 script that performs faster
    •Added validation check to ensure message profile has a mailbox size limit
    •Added 4TB disks as a disk selection option
    •Included prompt for 2nd site GC for on DB Export Primary DB List dialog
    •Included prompt for 1st and 2nd site GC on Export Copy DB List dialog
    •Revised default for GC on Export Primary DB List dialog to use FQDN
    •Revised default for Public Folder DB on Export Primary DB List dialog to clarify it is a DB name
    •Added problem explanation text to Distribution tab status line to show why the Calculator considers a configuration invalid
    •Updated CreateMBDatabaseCopies.ps1 to use GC1 and GC2 from export file
    •Added status information to Diskpart.ps1 to show the state of disks before and after script execution
  • Bug Fixes
    •Fixed issue with "Number of Active Databases / PDC (After Second PDC Server Failure)" formula to ensure that the PDC cannot have more active databases than possible
    •Removed rounding on calculating number of active databases / server
    •Fixed "DB and Log LUN Design / Server" to accurately calculate /DAG totals when 2 LUNs / Backup Set architecture is chosen
    •Fixed conditional formatting issue with Number of Mailbox Servers when the design utilizes standalone Mailbox servers
    •Fixed bug preventing running multiple StorageCalc instances from running concurrently
    •Fixed bug when saving a workbook under a new name after making changes to the original workbook
    •Fixed "Number of Mailbox Cores Required to Support Activated Databases in Secondary Datacenter" to accurately take into account the correct number of remaining servers
    •Fixed diskpart.ps1 script to ensure it can be re-executed
    •Fixed diskpart.ps1 script to cater for embedded spaces in mountpoints
    •Fixed CreateMBDatabaseCopies.ps1 to read input for Primary site and Secondary site DC's
    •Fixed Export Primary Databases List to use PF Database instead of PF Server
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