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Azure Blob Storage… Recycle Bin!!!!!!!




Azure Blob Storage… Recycle Bin!!!!!!!
Remember all that red alerts when comes to deleting blobs? Ah, forget them! Microsoft Azure brought the Windows Recycle Bin to Azure and named it Soft delete.
The soft delete feature basically is similar to the Windows recycle bin. Deleting a file from the Windows explorer, the Operating System instead of actually removing the file it moves it to the recycle bin. The file stays there and it can be undeleted at any time. The soft delete feature in Microsoft Azure does the same thing for blob storage. When data is deleted or overwritten, the data is not actually gone. Instead, the data is soft deleted, thereby making it recoverable if necessary.
It’s not enabled by default, but it’s very easy to enable it. Go to the Storage Account, scroll down to the Blob Service and select “Soft delete”. Select the Retention policy and Save, that’s all!
Let’s delete and test. Browse a container and click the “Show delete blobs”. The current blob will show as active.
deleting the blob it will change the status to “deleted”
Click the three little dots and you can undelete, the blob, in Azure!!!
Active again!
Be careful, if you delete the whole container, the storage account or the Azure Subscription there is no return. The Soft delete feature is at blob level inside a container.
For more deltails visit the docs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/blobs/storage-blob-soft-delete
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