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Cloud Architect - fully remote

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We are looking for senior security architects to join our Microsoft Cloud Architects team in EU. The position is not easy to describe in traditional terms but I will highlight some of the requirements:

-         Significant experience in overall IT security infrastructure, both on-prem and cloud. This is needed to advise our customers, especially CISOs and CIOs on best practices, management of risk, gap analysis, compliance and all the other fun stuff that is covered by GRC.
-         Willingness to learn. As new tools and new products are being released by Microsoft and potential partners, we need to get up-to-speed with them fast. This involves setting up labs and POCs, testing, analyzing and documenting such solutions.
-         Self-management. In our team, we don’t micro-manage people but empower them to use their time accordingly, to identify best way to use the hours in the day and be responsible for outcomes of projects.
-         Be able to lead Cloud Strategy engagements, Cloud technology and architecture efforts, Cloud deployments, as well as Cloud migrations and portfolio migration to the Cloud
-         Customer-facing skills. We engage with our customers on daily basis and the ability to communicate effectively with the customer’s team is very important. The senior architect should be able to discuss in deep technical details with the engineers and at a higher level (processes, policies, governance) with senior managers. He/She should be able provide mentorship, guidance and overall cybersecurity expertise and make their knowledge available through presentations, training sessions, workshops, whitepapers and blog posts.

Please contact me directly for more details. While we have offices in multiple locations throughout the world, most of the work is done remotely so as long as you have a good Internet connection you can join our team. The position is fully remote - work from home, so the person can be based permanently anywhere in Greece. 


[email protected] 

00353 831009725 

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