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Protect Your Windows Network : From Perimeter to Data


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Οι καταπληκτικοί Steve Reily και Jesper Johansson έγραψαν μαζί ένα

βιβλίο για την ασφάλεια συστημάτων που στηρίζονται σε τεχνολογίες

Microsoft. Περιεκτικότατο, καλύπτει το εξωτρικό δίκτυο, το εσωτερικό,

τις εφαρμογές και τα ίδια τα δεδομένα. Στο Amazon έχει μόνο $33. Ρίξτε μια ματιά.




Back cover:


In this book, two senior members of Microsoft's Security Business

and Technology Unit present a complete "Defense in Depth" model for

protecting any Windows network—no matter how large or complex. Drawing

on their work with hundreds of enterprise customers, they

systematically address all three elements of a successful security

program: people, processes, and technology.

Unlike security

books that focus on individual attacks and countermeasures, this book

shows how to address the problem holistically and in its entirety.

Through hands-on examples and practical case studies, you will learn

how to integrate multiple defenses—deterring attacks, delaying them,

and increasing the cost to the attacker. Coverage includes

  • Improving security from the top of the network stack to the bottom

  • Understanding what you need to do right away and what can wait

  • Avoiding "pseudo-solutions" that offer a false sense of security

  • Developing effective security policies—and educating those pesky users

  • Beefing up your first line of defense: physical and perimeter security

  • Modeling threats and identifying security dependencies

  • Preventing rogue access from inside the network

  • Systematically hardening Windows servers and clients

  • Protecting client applications, server applications, and Web services

  • Addressing the unique challenges of small business network security

Authoritative and thorough, Protect Your Windows Network

will be the standard Microsoft security guide for sysadmins, netadmins,

security professionals, architects, and technical decision-makers alike.




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