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Μια μικρη επιπλεων βοηθεια


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Λοιπον καταρχας στο Project περι wsus με εχετε βοηθησει ολοι αλλα επειδη το βαλε βγαλε στον wsus ειναι λιγο χρονοβορο παραθετω ενα site με μια εκπληξη που θα σας αρεσει.

Ειναι οι οδηγιες που μου δωσαν τα παιδια αλλα επιπλεων φτιαχνεις ενα σκριπτακι και τα κανεις σε χρονο ντε τε.



WSUS: Script to Manually Configure Automatic Update Client (WUA) for WSUS in a workgroup environment

***This is a sample.

***Edit the Code based on your options & requirement.

***See NOTES and MORE INFORMATION section below for details.

1. Simple copy and paste the code below into a text file and name it WSUS.reg

============ START Script Code===========

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





"TargetGroup"="IT Department"



















============ END Script Code===========

2. WSUS.reg is ready. Now cut and paste the code below into a text file and name it WSUS.bat

============ START Script Code===========

@echo off


Echo Save the batch file as "WSUS.bat". This batch file will do the following:

Echo 1.    Stops the Automatic Update Service (wuauserv) service.

Echo 2.    Imports WUA settings for workstations in workgroup to detect/download/install updates from WSUS.

Echo 3.    Starts the Automatic Update Service (wuauserv) service.

Echo 4.    Force update detection.

Echo 5.    More information on http://msmvps.com/Athif


REM Place both the files (WSUS.reg and WSUS.bat) in same location (single folder)

REM Double-click WSUS.bat to import WSUS.reg which contains Windows Update Agent (WUA) settings.

REM for WUA in a workgroup environment. In this sample, WSUS.reg and WSUS.bat

REM are placed in 'c:\'.

REM Author:- Mohammed Athif Khaleel :- Date April 30, 2006


Net Stop "wuauserv"

Echo Importing WSUS.reg

%windir%\Regedit.exe /s C:\WSUS.reg

Echo WSUS.reg imported succesfully

Net Start "wuauserv"

Echo Forcing update detection

wuauclt /detectnow


============ END Script Code===========

3. At the end of this procedure, You will have 2 scripts -

  • WSUS.reg: This script contains all the WUA settings.

  • WSUS.bat: This script will import WUA settings from WSUS.reg file.

Place both the files in same location

(single folder) and double-click WSUS.bat to configure Windows Update

Agent (WUA) in a workgroup environment.


This script enables Client Side

Targeting and name of the computer group to which the computer belongs

to is "IT Department". Computer group has to be pre-created on WSUS

Server. Replace "IT Department" with whatever you want.


"TargetGroup"="IT Department"

ElevateNonAdmins is set to 0 which

means, when logged on, non-administrative users will NOT receive update

notifications based on the configuration settings for Automatic Updates.


If WSUS is not installed in Default Website then you have to change the port for "WUServer" and "WUStatusServer" to 8530 ("http://YOUR-WSUS-SERVER:8530")

AUOptions 4 means Automatic download

and scheduled installation. (Only valid if values exist for

ScheduledInstallDay and ScheduledInstallTime.)


The updates are scheduled to install daily (ScheduledInstallDay"=dword:00000000) at 10 AM (ScheduledInstallTime"=dword:0000000a)

NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers is

enabled which Specifies that to complete a scheduled installation,

Automatic Updates will wait for the computer to be restarted by any user

who is logged on, instead of causing the computer to restart

automatically in 5 minutes to complete the installation.



is enabled which Specifies whether Automatic Updates should

automatically install certain updates that neither interrupt Windows

services nor restart Windows.


RebootRelaunchTimeoutEnabled for 60 minutes to prompt again for scheduled restart("RebootRelaunchTimeoutEnabled"=dword:00000001



for 15 minutes which means a scheduled installation that did not take

place earlier will occur after 15 minutes after the computer is next





DetectionFrequencyEnabled set to 0 which means Windows will check for available updates at the default interval of 22 hours


RebootWarningTimeout is enabled and set to 30 minutes to wait before proceeding with a scheduled restart 




is set to 0 which means  'Install Updates and Shut Down' option will be

available in the Shut Down Windows dialog box if updates are available

when the user selects the Shut Down option in the Start menu. This

policy applies to Windows XP SP2 only.



is set to 0 which means 'Install Updates and Shut Down' option will be

the default option in the Shut Down Windows dialog box if updates are

available for installation at the time the user selects the Shut Down

option in the Start menu. This policy applies to Windows XP SP2 only.



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