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Microsoft Cloud Platform System: Storage Performance


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Storage Performance like a boss! Διαθέσιμο στο Technet το White Paper του Storage performance για το Cloud Platform System!


Μερικά νούμερα (w0000000tttttt!!!!!!!)


  • Boot storm: ~1800 Azure A1-sized VMs* cold started within 150 seconds at a median start time of 20 seconds/VM
  • VM microbenchmarks across 112 Azure A1-sized VMs:
    • 1.01 million 4KiB random read IOPS at an average latency of 0.90 milliseconds (ms), with 44% of SSU (storage scale unit) connectivity utilized
    • 321,000 mixed 4KiB (70:30) read/write IOPS at average latencies of 2.49ms read and 4.47ms write
    • VM SQL Server database OLTP across 84 Azure A4-sized VMs
      • sustained ~35,000 transactions/second (s)
      • 222,000 total IOPS (182,000 read and 40,000 write) at an average 1.5ms read and 9.0ms write latency




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