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Για γέλια ή για κλάματα;


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Είναι πολύ παλιό (πάνω από 15ετία) αλλά οι νέοι δεν θα τα ξέρουν. Για αρχή χρειάζεστε κάποιο Unix box. Ότι

αρχίζει με % είναι σε C shell και με $ σε Bourne. Προσοχή στους





% ar m God


ar: God does not exist




% "How would you rate Reagan's incompetence?


Unmatched ".




% [Where is Jimmy Hoffa?








% ^How did the sex change^ operation go?


Modifier failed.




% If I had a ( for every $ Congress spent, what would I have?  


Too many ('s.




% make love


Make:  Don't know how to make love.  Stop.




% sleep with me


bad character




% got a light?


No match.




% man: why did you get a divorce?


man:: Too many arguments.




% ^What is saccharine?


Bad substitute.




% %blow


%blow: No such job.




% \(-


(-: Command not found.




% sh




$ drink


bottle: cannot open


opener: not found




'How would you describe a girl without a boyfriend?


Unmatched '.




[ Synonym for lost?


Missing ].




'' Mom, I want to go out with Bob. ''


: Permission denied.




% What is wrong with philosophy?


%: Too many arguments.




%; What does "unemployed" mean?


%: No current job.




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