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Internship in Customer Service or Software Development (INTERN-19a) στην Beta Cae

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Internship in Customer Service or Software Development (INTERN-19a)
Location: Kato Scholari, Thessaloniki, Greece

BETA CAE Systems is a rapidly growing engineering software and services company, and it is continuously seeking for motivated new talent. We are seeking for enthusiastic, bright and hard-working students and recent graduates to join our Internship scheme.
The timeframe
  Applications Start Date: ......................... 03/12/2018
  Applications End Date: ......................... 14/1/2019
  Screening-Interviewing End Date: ......... approx. by 01/03/2019
  Results Announcement: ........................ approx. by 08/03/2019Internship Start Date: .......................... 01/04/2019
  Internship End Date: ............................. 30/09/2019 The internship (in Customer Service or Software Development teams)

During that period:
  get training in our suite of products
  get experience with FEA/CFD solvers
  explore engineering applications in the CAE domain
  undertake a short-term project
  get experience in writing code and documenting
  have/receive peer code-reviews
  interact and share opinion with experienced professionals.

The duration of the internship is 6 consecutive months, as it is essential for anyone that joins us to receive proper training on our programs, to have time to digest the knowledge gained and to take part in some projects in order to apply it, to mingle with our employees and experience what working in BETA is like! The applicants

Undergraduate (AEI or TEI) and Postgraduate students in relevant fields (Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aeronautics, Marine Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Informatics, etc.)
  towards the end of their studies (i.e. recommended to have completed at least the 6th semester), or
  graduates that have recently completed their degree (within the last 6 months at most).

Fulfilled military obligations for male applicants are not a prerequisite.

References are optional but valued. They shall be send directly by your Referees via
  email tohr@beta-cae.com,or
  mail to BETA CAE Systems S.A., Kato Scholari, 57500, Thessaloniki, addressed to the HR Department.
  The 6-months internships are paid.
  For students in Universities based in Greece, the period of the internship will be combined, when possible, with the standard Traineeship (2-3 months of “Πρακτική άσκηση μέσω ΕΣΠΑ”) of their studies. Applicants that are not eligible for an internship via “ΕΣΠΑ”can also apply.
  Transfer by company bus to/from the company’s premiseswill be provided.
  Free lunch is also complimentary.

We will be glad to receive your application at:


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