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Assistant (Exploitation Maintenance)-190336
Primary Location Italy-Sigonella
NATO Body Joint Force Command Naples
Schedule Full-time
   Euro (EUR) Yearly
Grade B.5
TITLE:              Assistant (Exploitation Maintenance)
GRADE:          B-5
The AGS system consists of air, ground, mission operations and support elements, performing all weather, persistent wide-area terrestrial and maritime surveillance in near real-time.
The AGS will contribute to a range of missions such as protection of ground troops and civilian populations, border control and maritime safety, the fight against terrorism, crisis management and humanitarian assistance in natural disasters.
The NATO-owned and -operated AGS core capability will enable the Alliance to perform persistent surveillance over wide areas from high-altitude long-endurance (HALE) aircraft, operating at considerable stand-off distances and in any weather or light condition. Using advanced radar sensors, these systems will continuously detect and track moving objects throughout observed areas and will provide radar imagery of areas of interest and stationary objects.
The Support Wing is one of the two AGS Component Wings and is comprised of staff to do the following functions: Personnel, Logistics, CIS, Security Forces and Aircraft Maintenance.
The CIS (Core) Squadron’s mission is the service provision for the AGS Core system mission essential CIS equipment.
The Exploitation Branch is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the exploitation element of the NATO AGS Core system.
The Assistant (Exploitation Maintenance) is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all the Communication and Information Systems activities associated with operating the exploitation element of the NATO AGS Core system.
Superintendent Exploitation Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of AGS Core CIS systems supporting the MOS, Transportable General Ground Stations (TGGS), and Mobile General Ground Stations (MGGS).
The Assistant (Exploitation Maintenance) will organize and manage personnel and work activities to ensure the AVMC2, MOS, TGGS, and MGGS core systems remain operational and mission ready.
Ensures all AVMC2, MOS, TGGS, and MGGS systems remain operational and capable of performing the exploitation mission required by the AGS core system.
Ensures personnel in the exploitation branch have the resources and training required to maintain AGS CIS core systems and accomplish the mission.
Tracks trends and reviews processes in the Exploitation Branch to ensure optimal performance is maintained.
Primarily coordinates, manages and supervises all CIS activities of the core systems used for exploitation in coordination with Industry Partners, and contractor(s), as well as in the AGS Capability Package (CP) in coordination with SHAPE Support Division CIS Directorate (SPT CIS), NATO Communications Information Agency (NCIA).
Identifies and follows topics, trends or themes within the exploitation area that may impact upon the AGS functionality of the NATO AGS Core.
Tracks and provides change proposals to exploitation CIS documents related to the AGS Program.
Tracks future related operational requirements and technology developments (including cost information) in the area of exploitation CIS systems and includes them in the AGS program.
Provides focal point for representing the AGS Support Element concerning all exploitation CIS matters within NATO and towards organizational elements inside and outside SHAPE.
Cooperates and conducts liaison with the staff of NATO and national ISR programs (e.g. GBR ASTOR, USA JSTARS, USA Global Hawk) and applies valuable lessons identified/learned.
Under routine circumstances, the job is performed in a typical Airbase environment where normal working conditions apply. The risk of injury is categorized as “none”.  However, the incumbent may be required to undertake deployments in support of military operations and exercises, and/or TDYassignments, both within and outside NATO boundaries.  Such operational deployment may exceed30 days duration up to 183 days in any period of 547 days, and may be on short notice. For NATOInternational Civilian Staff, acceptance of an employment contract linked to this post constitutesagreement to deploy in excess of 30 days if required. 
The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract.
The Assistant (Exploitation Maintenance), reports to the Branch Head, (CIS Exploitation).
Higher Secondary education and completed higher vocational training in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, electronics or related discipline leading to a formal technical or professional certification with 3 years function related experience,
Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training in that discipline leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 5 years post related experience.
Knowledge and extensive experience in the field of data link networks design.
Experience with the management and operation of the IT infrastructure (typically hardware, software, and communications).
Experience with the management of resources required to plan for, develop, deliver and support properly engineered IT services and products to meet the needs of a business.
Experience with change management processes (preparation of new, or changed services), and maintenance of regulatory, legal, and professional standards.
Experience in the management of performance of systems and services (public network, virtual private network, and outsourced services).
Must have an English Standard Language Proficiency level of “professional” in Listening Speaking, Reading, and Writing (SLP 3333 based on NATO standards).
Profound knowledge of high level, scalable communication and data link network requirements with up- to-date expertise in data link management.
Previous NATO assignment or higher Headquarters, or experience working in an international military environment.
Knowledge of relevant NATO CIS policies and standards.
Basic understanding of AGS mission, ISR crew procedures, and CIS tasks to support mission.
Good knowledge of system administration, service level agreements, quality assurance and risk management.
Experience with design, development  and, in particular, sustainment of IT systems.
NCISS A0029       TACSAT Combined Basics
NCISS A0051       NATO Dart+ Operator NCISS A0097   
NATO Call Manager & Voice over Secure IP
NCISS A0236       NATO Networking Infrastructure
NCISS A0601       SATCOM Basics
Personal attributes
The incumbent should be able to apply thought and logic to solve management and technical problems.
This individual holds a significant position within the AGS CIS Squadron and is a key stakeholder to ensure CIS operations within the MOS continue. Having a NATO civilian in the post provides the NATO AGS program continuity in one of the most critical areas of the program, which is maintenance of Core CIS Exploitation systems. The post is critical to ensure that AGS Core CIS systems function to collect, process, exploit, disseminate, and retrieve information in a timely fashion.
Professional contacts
The incumbent is expected to maintain professional contacts with host nation representatives and other NATO organizations to accomplish the mission. He/she maintains regular day-to-day professional contacts with AGS Core personnel at the MOB and deployed units as well as external users of AGS. The incumbent will maintain a close relationship with Operations and Support Wing personnel who will have daily/weekly CIS exploitation requirements. He/she will be in close coordination with NCIA, as required.
The successful candidate who is not already serving as a NATO Civilian will receive a definite duration contract of three years, which may be followed by another contract.
Serving NATO Civilians will be offered a contract in accordance with the NATO Civilian Personnel Regulations.
The basic entry-level monthly salary for a NATO Grade B-5 in Italy is Euro 4,111.70 which may be augmented by allowances based on the selected staff member’s eligibility, and which is subject to the withholding of approximately 20% for pension and medical insurance contributions. 
HQ JFC Naples uses NATO Talent Acquisition Platform.
In order to apply for this vacancy, please visit the platform at:https://nato.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en, and search for vacancies within the Headquarters of interest.
Note that once you created your profile, you will be able to use it to apply for other vacancies within NATO.
Employment pre-requisites:
Candidates are invited to submit their applications only if:
· They are nationals of a NATO member country
· They are over 21 and under 60 years of age at the time of taking up their appointments. Appointments of definite duration may be offered to candidates of 60 years of age or more, provided that the expiry date of the contract is not later than the date at which the candidate attains the age of 65.
Additional information:
A NATO security clearance and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser are essential conditions for appointment to this post.  Applicants are not required to possess a clearance at the time of applying, but they must be eligible for a clearance.  HQ JFC Naples/NAGSF Sigonella will take action to obtain the required security clearance from the successful candidates’ national authorities.


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