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Virus Bulletin is a small company with a largely remote team based all over Europe that is placed at the heart of the IT security industry. Through its product testing, annual conference and ad hoc activities, Virus Bulletin works with security vendors, researchers and practitioners.

As Security Evangelist, you will be the public face of the company. This broad role involves putting together a wide and varied conference programme, writing reports, talking to (prospective) customers, and attending trade shows and conferences. You will also be actively involved in determining the strategy of the company.

Though a commercial company, Virus Bulletin cares strongly about ethics and values, making an actual contribution to the industry. As Security Evangelist, you are the person to maintain this ethical profile for the company.


We are looking for someone

  • who is passionate about security and has some affinity for the security industry
  • who has some technical understanding of how threats and security products work
  • who can write shorter or longer articles and reports
  • who can work with and lead a remote team
  • who doesn’t mind speaking to people or standing on a conference stage
  • who is flexible and can keep to deadlines.


We are not necessarily looking for someone

  • with specific technical skills (though there is the possibility for this role to involve some technical work, this depends on the candidate)
  • who is a native English speaker (all articles Virus Bulletin publishes are edited)
  • who has a specific degree (or a degree at all)
  • who fits a very specific profile: there is some flexibility in the exact job description to match the candidate’s strengths
  • who is based in a very specific location: the job can be done remotely, or from our office in the UK. Preferably, the candidate will be based in Europe though.


To apply for this position email [email protected] with your CV.

Please also contact us if you have any questions about this role.


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